Reliable supplier
of chemical raw materials

Hundreds of chemical raw materials readily available.
Orders processed in a flash thanks to our in-house fleet and warehouses.
Reliability and worldwide expertise.

We are your Partner.

We’re an independent,
global supplier
of chemical raw materials
with experience dating back to 1998.

We supply chemical raw materials to nearly 30 industries, specializing in providing materials for fertilizer, feed, and cosmetics production.


We are a leading supplier of glycerin, glycols, amines, sulfates, nitrates, phosphates, acids, and hydroxides.

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dystrybutor surowców chemicznych globalne działanie centro-chem
dystrybutor surowców chemicznych globalne działanie centro-chem

Why Centro-Chem?

Reliable, comprehensive chemical raw material delivery process, fostering partnership and social responsibility.

ikona centro-chem działa globalnie

We operate globally

We serve over 2 000 Clients worldwide.

ikona centro-chem to niezależny dystrybutor surowców chemicznych

We are independent

thanks to our in-house fleet, warehouses, and customs facilities

ikona centro-chem stowarzyszenia branżowe

We are affiliated with industry associations

including EPCA – an organization uniting major distributors of petrochemical raw materials

ikona centro-chem jakość i bezpieczeństwo

We prioritize quality and safety

as evidenced by our ISO, GMP+, and AEO certifications

ikona centro-chem troska o środowisko

We care about environment

we use renewable energy sources, take care of the cleanliness of the Bystrzyca River, and monitor our carbon footprint


bonded warehouses


years of experience

2 000

trading partners from all over the world




countries we cooperate with

14 000 m²

warehouse area