About Us

  •       The company Centro-Chem was founded in 1998 in Poland as an initiative of a group of friends. On the beginning – we were a small, local company, owning one lorry, distributing our materials among local customers. Over the years of development we became one of the largest companies in chemical raw material distribution sector in Poland.

      Today Centro-Chem employs nearly 80 people. We have our own warehouses, offices and fleet of lorries and vans. Although significant growth through the years, our company underline the same values, on base which it had grown – reliability, attention to customer and friendly working environment.

      We are vigorous team, full of passion an enthusiasm, our goal is to provide products of the highest quality, while taking due care of the optimum price. Thanks to such a strategy we have achieved our goals:

  • we gained a confidence of over 2000 companies located in Poland, Europe and around the world and its number is still increasing,
  • we have our own fleet of lorries and vans, which continues to grow,
  • with care for our customer and quality of our products, we had implemented ISO 9001:2015
  • we opened a second warehouse in Gdynia, which enables efficient delivery of products to our customer in shorter time and more flexible way,
  • we maintain solid and long-term cooperation with the largest chemical companies in Europe and selected an renowned suppliers from Middle and Far East and other parts of the world. Thanks to a dynamically developing cooperation with producers and trading companies of these markets our product range contains products which are hardly reachable on the local market.